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About Us

County Jail Call went into business because we had a better solution to the outrageous costs and fees being charged to you by the jails and the contracted phone providers.

We hated to see the average person being forced to pay insane rates so we can speak to our loved ones in jail. The single jail call provider, who holds a legalized monopoly on all calls from that jail. The outright rape on the charges to you had to stop and this is why we are here!

County Jail Call was the answer to this problem and thus, we built the company!

We have been in your situation, we clearly understand it much better than everyone else. Your burden and the stress of having a loved one in Jail. We want to help you through this HARD

TIME and hope you will have it just a little easier with our help!


Our Mission is Simple:
“To make the cost of your phone calls LOWER! Providing customer service to you which far exceeds your expectations”.

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