County Jail Call

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How do I cancel with County Jail call? It is very simple and easy.

When you no longer need services with us send an email to us. You MUST also call us.

Send it to:

you will not be billed any longer AFTER the email is dated and you have our reply email. Many times emails go in the spam box or to the wrong email address so you are required to speak with a CSR and then your account is noted so there is never a problem.

We cannot accept voicemail canceling as you are not verified. This protects you and your account from cancellation that was not requested by you.


County Jail Call pays in advance to acquire our Phone numbers based on the subscription you purchased. Because we are not refunded by our underlying carriers or other providers, we cannot provide refunds due to the person being released sooner than your service is due to end. Or any other reason you might have in that month.

Even if the service was not used, your number is already assigned and in fact working, therefore services are working and we do not issue refunds.

If you have paid for the service we encourage you to use the number provided. If there is a reason why you are unable to setup or use the number please let know so we can assist you. We want you to enjoy service.

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