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What It's Like To Be Put In Solitary Confinement

This story originally appeared on TakePart.
The damaging effects of solitary confinement, also known as administrative segregation or secure housing, …

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Christopher Zoukis: Alabama Prisoners Create Their Own Health Radio Show

Inmates at an Alabama correctional centre are developing, crowdfunding and taking other necessary steps to launch their own radio about health issues …

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New Report Details Devastating Effects Of Mass Incarceration On The U.S.

The American prison system is unlike any other in the world. It’s sprawling, expensive and largely ineffective at reducing crime or rehabilitating off…

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Charlene Haparimwi: Where America Went Wrong With the Prison System

What if I were to tell you that individual criminals, “thugs,” low-lives, drug addicts, welfare hoarders or whatever name they have been called are actually just reactionary results to a prison industrial complex and racialized system that dooms them to repeat offenses, prison visits and failure to rise above their circumstances?

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Bakery Employs Ex-Inmates To Help Them Make Tough Transition Into Society

An initiative is assisting former inmates’ transition into the community by teaching them to flourish in a bakery.
The Beaverton Bakery in Oregon hir…

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Francine LeFrak: Reframing Reentry: National Reentry Week

While Hollywood loves a good redemption story, and as a society we say we believe in second chances, our behavior towards ex-offenders tends to be contradictory. Barriers like the criminal felon box on job applications and the inability to get a basic bank loan or a driver’s license make a smooth re-entry back into society nearly impossible.

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Asmaa AbuMezied: Two Gazans and "3000 Nights" Movie

The movie, “3000 Nights” provided glimpses of what Palestinian prisoners experienced in Israeli prisons during the 1980s.

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NationSwell: This Former Inmate Fights for Others' Freedom From Life Sentences

Jason Hernandez never thought he would see the outside world again.

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Secretary Of Education Explains Why Prisoners Need College Education

Presidents aren’t known for taking daytrips to prisons. But a couple of weeks ago, President Obama did just that….

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Christopher Zoukis: Tribeca film screenings cast restorative light behind prison walls

When you hear Tribeca, you probably think of the glamorous New York film festival started by actor Robert De Niro in 2002. Recently, though, the Tribe…

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