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County Jail Call

Save on Inmate Phone Calls with County Jail Call

Most Inmate Phone Billing Companies Don’t Care About You. They Just Care About Money. We Care About Our Customers!

HAVE YOU RECENTLY had a loved one arrested and/or incarcerated in a County, State or Federal facility that is “long distance” from you? PAY MONTH TO MONTH, ONLY $28.99


ARE YOU CURRENTLY paying up to $20 per collect call because they are billed as “long distance” with “per minute” charges? Or CANNOT even get calls! PAY MONTH TO MONTH, ONLY $28.99

Monthly Service

We are a month to month service and you are free to cancel any time with a simple email. That is the easiest and only way to cancel service with us. Read more

Instant Activation

We can give you INSTANT activation for your line, that way your loved one can get the number and be on the phone with you QUICKLY. You will get the number immediately after signing up! Read more

We Have No Contracts!

Simply pay $28.99 per month, to receive calls from your loved one.


Why County Jail Call?

  • We are the leaders in service
  • We know what you need
  • We have the ability to service your facility ANYWHERE
  • We give REAL UNLIMITED minutes
  • We have the lowest possible rates anyplace
  • No “Per Minute” Fees at all

If you set up an account with County Jail Call you will receive your specialized phone number for your loved one to call for the correct facility. By setting this up with us, we help you AVOID costly LONG-DISTANCE Collect charges that make the cost of your collect inmate calls skyrocket. SIGN UP NOW


Benefits To You:

The Benefits are endless with County Jail Call and here is just a few of the list that will make you take notice right away! SIGN UP NOW

  • We Are The ONLY Provider Offering Truly “UNLIMITED” Minutes
  • We Have No Long Distance “Per Minute” Fees
  • There Are No Changes To Your Existing Phone
  • We Work With Cell Phones Or Home Phones Or VOiP Phones
  • We Are The Lowest Cost Inmate Call Provider Period -MONTHLY ONLY $28.99-
  • Our Numbers Save You Up To 85%
  • We Are The Leader In Inmate Telecom


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We can help you with account setup, and make it all extremely easy for you.

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Giving this Specialized phone number to your loved one, then to the facility (jail) pay phone message provider. Learn more




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