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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I still need to have an account with my jail’s calling provider?

YES. The reason is simple: They have the contract to operate the phones and the rights to EVERY connection made by the inmates calling. It is simply not possible to avoid using them. However, with our service the price you pay per call is reduced drastically. Typically 80% less.

When I called the jail they said they did not use “COUNTY JAIL CALL”…. Why is that?

They don’t use us. You do. We do not have that contract in the facility. The Jail gives the contract to a single company.

How does County Jail Call save me money then?

Any Inmate’s phone calls are expensive because they are “Tiered long-distance”. We make those calls much less expensive by providing you with our phone number from the jail and then connect that call to your home, work or cell number. It is simple with our network in place.

How come I need a different-local phone number from the jail?

To save you money on your calls. Direct dialed calls and pre-paid accounts are all based on how far the inmate is calling on a phone call. By using one of our networks direct-local phone number, is exactly how we lower the rate deck, saving you money on each call.


Is it truly “Unlimited Minutes”?

YES. We do not count your minutes. If you decide to prepay for a 1000 calls a day, we do not care, the minutes used are really unlimited! The facility may limit the talk time but we do not. This is a regulation that we do not control. Simply put, we guarantee the lowest possible cost per call.

Can I use the County Jail call Line with my current Home/Cell/Work phone?

Yes! you can. You may use your home phone, cell phone, office phone. We only need to put our number onto your existing number to send the calls to you.

Does County Jail Call work with “Pre-Paid” accounts in the county jails?

YES WE DO. It was designed to work with any phone system. The savings on pre-paid accounts within the prison phone system are substantial. For example, if an inmate is currently paying $4.00 to connect plus $0.45 per minute, a 15 minute call would cost them $10.75. With our service the call would cost just $4 because there would be no other per minute charges.

Does County Jail Call provide the actual phone calls from County/State jails?

YES. We do not change any of the procedures used to ensure a “safe” call within the prison system. We simply provide a direct phone number. When your loved one uses this number, it still goes through the standard jail regulated phone system. This is how you stay within the law, but you reduce the costs and have no per minute charges.

Is the county Jail Call allowed to be used at Federal Facilities?

Simple answer is YES and it will save you massive per minute charges for long distance calls.

How many minutes are included per month?

Our “UNLIMITED” plans are all UNLIMITED minutes. (Up to the maximum the prison allows).In certain RARE circumstances, you might be limited.

So if my loved one uses a County Jail Call number, it will not violate any LAWS?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. The LAW controls a person’s ability to have any phone service they want. Our network uses the same transmission lines as all others. When calls are made through our network, all the same prison security systems are still in place. Your calls will still be monitored by corrections.

How does County Jail Call verify the number is working?

Once it is set up, we will make a TEST CALL to you proving that your line is working as it should be. This way you are 100% certain you got what you paid for.

What if I change my ring number?

YES. It takes up to 2 business days maximum. There is a fee for this. Simply send an email and it will be done and verified.

What if my loved one gets transferred someplace else? A new facility? Can I keep my current phone number?

Most likely you will need a new number. Easily done! Depending on the location of the new facility, we may have to secure a new number for that facility.

What about the privacy of my information?

We do not give out personal information on ANY customer, period!

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