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How Does County Jail Call Save Me Money

How Does County Jail Call Save me Money?

We provide you with number in our network for your loved ones jail or correctional facility (ALL JAILS ARE SERVED) then we route their Calls to you anywhere in the United States as if they dialed your number directly. By using our network, we save you up to 85% on your county Jail calls.

You will give the number to your loved one and then you contact the phone provider for your loved ones facility, usually it is one of the following: (Global Tel Link, IC Solutions, Securus, V-Connect, OffenderConnect, etc.) to setup your prepaid account for the connection fee. (This is not necessary for Federal inmates.)

When your loved one calls your County Jail Call number, it will ring normally. You will answer it as like you regularly would and;

* Start SAVING up to 85% on your County jail Call.
* We GUARANTEE you savings.


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