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How it Works

If you set up an account with County Jail Call you will receive your specialized phone number for your loved one to call for the correct facility

By setting this up with us, we help you AVOID costly LONG-DISTANCE Collect charges that make the cost of your collect inmate calls skyrocket.

Giving this Specialized phone number to your loved one and then to the (jail) facility’s pay phone message provider. These are the companies named: Global Tel Link, Securus, Evercom, IC Solutions, Correctional Billing Services,, Paytel, etc.


We will assist you with this. We will explain exactly how to get that set up as well.

(Except Federal- It is NOT needed for the Federal prisons.) Your loved one will now be able to call you on the county Jail call specialized phone Number that has been provided by us for you.

  • You will not need to change your existing cell or home number and your loved one does nothing except add the number to their approved call list.
  • When your loved one calls your county Jail calls number, your phone will ring like normally but, your saving up to 85% depending upon the old costs.

Because it is a localized number to the facility, you will avoid the excessive fees and costs for your calls and that means you will pay substantially less per call…. averaging about 50%-80%….

So why pay long-distance or other excessive fees?

We guarantee 100% your line will be working!

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