County Jail Call

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The prices are very simple with County Jail Call(s).

Easy to understand!

We give you UNLIMITED TALK MINUTES. This is very easy to understand and clearly written. There is no bait and switch here. You will only pay your connection fees with that provider that handles it. We have NOTHING to do with that cost at all. We will set it up for you and we will handle the replenishment on it if need be. We have nothing to do with the rate they charge. We do however assure you that the rate deck will be the lowest possible one PERIOD!

You have an option of either paying MONTH TO MONTH at $28.99 with a $20.00 dollar one time set up fee. (If you have no coupon) OR you can pay $78.99 for 3 months with a one time $10.00 dollar set up fee.

You will get your number INSTANTLY after payment.


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